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Sep 4th  2023 - 8 Billion receives a 5 star review from Readers' Favorite


Earlier this year I submitted 8 Billion to the Readers' Favorite contest, to test the waters and expose it to some scrutiny. Happily, it was well-received, earning a five-star review.

Here is the review in full :

Book review of 8 Billion - Readers' Favorite: Book Reviews and Award Contest (

About Me

My first attempt at a novel was picked up by Pema Browne agency in New York. The agency came close to selling the story to a major publishing house, but it was too similar to the books of William Shatner (of "Star Trek" fame) and they passed.

Spurred on by this, I produced more novels, but was unable to land a publishing deal.

After a period of on-and-off (mostly off) writing I started pondering the idea of what would happen if a sentient AI grew to believe in God. The Bible talks about salvation for His creation, but what about a being not created by Him but rather created by man. Would such a being be allowed into Heaven?

The idea for Alpha Redemption was born.

I submitted the synopsis to an online competition and it attracted a lot of interest, including that of the indie Christian sci-fi publisher Grace Bridges who approached me to read the novel with a view to publishing it with her company Splashdown Books.

Not long after that the book landed on virtual bookshelves as print-on-demand. It sold well and went on to reach the finals of the Awesome Indie Book Awards where it was nominated in both the Christian and secular sci-fi categories. 


More recently it caught the eye of a television producer who approached me about turning it into a full-length movie.     


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Genre: Magic realism, fantasy, sci-fi

Will a watched pot ever boil?

Can too many cooks spoil the broth?

Is it possible to build Rome in a day?

How does Hell compare to the fury of a scorned woman?

Have you ever wondered what happens to all those pennies offered for your thoughts, or where a cloud’s silver lining goes?

Find out in this quirky collection of short stories inspired by well-known English idioms.
From the secret agency that mends tears in the fabric of time, to the entomologist who discovers that one of his butterflies is responsible for the end of the world.
From a quiet English street that settles its disputes through siege warfare, to a village where good deeds are being rewarded, with disastrous consequences.


Genre: Sci-fi

Three of my short stories were featured in this anthology from Splashdown Books.


Bob - A team of computer scientists working on an AI called Bob stop short of triggering a sentient awakening.

Ears - A man starts to notice how weird human ears look from behind. Soon they are all he can see -- along with the aliens attached to them. 

The Field Trip - Two alien teenagers on a field misread the teacher's instructions and accidently cause a global catastrophe. 

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