Three of my short stories are featured in the Splashdown Books anthology Aquasynthesis.

- Ears

A man becomes obsessed with ears, and slowly starts to lose his mind, not sure if he is seeing humans or aliens.

- Bob

We catch a glimpse of an AI program (called "Bob") as it struggles with problems of logic and its own self-awareness. 

- The Field Trip

Two aliens on a field trip to Earth get confused by a comma, and accidentally press the wrong button.




My Girlfriend

A young man describes his beautiful, exotic girlfriend, apparantly unaware that she is not human. As he gushes over "Stoondia" in his simple way, he seems incapable of spotting the obvious. Has love blinded him? Or is it something else?

Available to read in Digtal Dragon Magazine (link will download a pdf).



Mars Deep-Crust Mine ZB203-South

When a team of deep-crust miners is trapped many miles under the Martian surface by a quake that leaves one of them dead, they must wait for the rescue team to dig them out. As the hours pass, the conversation turns to their fallen colleague, to death and the afterlife. They fall asleep, but one is woken by sounds coming from the mine face. He investigates and discovers a large fissure but, before he can take a closer look, the rescuers arrive. As the team travels back to the surface, a detonation squad prepares to shut off the damaged leg of the mine for good. Meanwhile, down at the fissure, something evil stirs.

Available to read in The Cross and the Cosmos book and also the original e-zine (in pdf format).