Alpha Redemption

From despair he fled, through tragedy he lived on, and journeyed to innocence.

His trajectory: the stars.His companion: a computer poised at the brink of sentience.

An unlikely friendship on a prototype spaceship at lightspeed towards Alpha Centauri, and redemption.

When Brett loses everything in a tragic accident, he gladly accepts an invitation to take part in a prototype speed-of-light trip to Alpha Centauri, knowing that he may not survive. His only companion is the ship's on-board computer, Jay. At first he finds Jay an annoyance but, as time passes, the two become friends. With the voyage drawing to a close, Jay develops a sense of self-awareness and a belief in God. When it becomes clear that they cannot both survive the return trip, one of them must make the ultimate sacrifice.

Alpha Redemption is published through Splashdown Books.

Alpha Revelation

Brett's story continues. . . .

Life on the Martian colony of Utopia has never been easy for Shor Larkin. Unable to fit in, he has no friends and no prospects. Plagued by memories he does not understand, it is only his dreams of working in the Space Program that keep his hopes alive. When even this is taken from him and he is assigned to work in the Maintenance department, he thinks life cannot possibly get any worse.

While fixing a hangar door, he stumbles upon a space ship lying neglected and forgotten. Then he starts receiving mysterious messages from someone trying to contact Brett. Shor's life is turned upside down when he realizes that the messages are coming from the ship and he is not who he thinks he is.

Alpha Revelation is due to be published through Splashdown Books in early 2013..


Set six million years in the future, in a universe filled with worlds colonized by early Earth explorers, Hanzet follows an unlikely band of heroes as they attempt to find the Parchment, the book believed to contain the answer to the ultimate question: what is the Meaning of Life?

The leader is Hanzet Terz, a genetically-modified assassin whose ice-cold killer instincts are starting to thaw. Sent to find the Parchment by the richest man in the Universe, Tooti Biscooti, she will stop at nothing to locate her prize. Tooti, however, has grown impatient and suspects Hanzet of treason. He sends his personal bodyguard and man-mountain, Jook Smithonowoo, to eliminate her. Jook, however, falls in love with Hanzet and helps her escape to the Amish planet, Bonnet, where they uncover Tooti's nefarious plans for Universal domination.

With the help of two Earthlings, Malcolm and Sylvia, and the renowned pioneer of speed-of-thought travel, Ernst Kombrink, Hanzet and Jook set about saving the Universe from Tooti's zombie army.

Hanzet is a comedic romp to the very edge of the universe and beyond. On the way it pokes fun at man's arrogance and his prideful determination to prove that God cannot possibly exist because, because, he just can't, okay!

Hanzet is slated for publication sometime in March 2103.