Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Here you will find information about my writing, including published work and upcoming releases. I write speculative Christian fiction, which means my stories are generally science fiction but from a Christian world-view.

If you love science and enjoy asking "what if?" but are fed up with the way most science fiction either ignores, disrespects, or even blatantly insults the God of the Bible, then you have come to the right place.

My aim is to write entertaining and thought-provoking science fiction stories that stretch the imagination, but which keep God in His rightful place as Lord over all creation.

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Have fun and God bless!

About me

I was conceived in the USA, born in England, raised in Africa and after a childhood spent travelling around the world, consider myself a nomad at heart. I love the smell of a harbour, and have never lived more than a few miles from the ocean. I love animals and if I could do it all again would choose a career as a big game warden in an African nature reserve.

I have done some interesting jobs through the years, including working as a waiter, a supermarket salesman and, for a number of years, as a fitness instructor (at one point winning a national aerobics title). I originally studied to be a psychologist but abandoned this to concentate on my fitness career.

At the age of twenty, I bought my first computer and discovered I had a knack for programming. For the past twenty years, I have worked as an IT professional, and am currently responsible for maintaining the biggest database of its type in the world. Married with two children, I live in a small farming community in Holland.

My writing

My first serious attempt at  writing was a science-fiction thriller inspired by the book of Revelation. My plan was to write something that would appeal to both the Christian and secular markets. The Wire was accepted by a well-known secular agent in New York but was not quite ready for publication.

Three years ago I started a college degree in Creative Writing. The tutor and assessor both felt my writing was of a publishable standard and suggested I try to sell some of my work. I looked around to see if Christian speculative fiction was a viable option and found Marcher Lord Press ("MLP"). I wrote two stories and submitted them to MLP. Later they were entered in the Marcher Lord Select contest. The story I expected to do well was voted out of the first round. My second story, Alpha Redemption, which I almost did not enter, went through to the semi-finals and attracted quite a lot of interest. One of those interested people was Grace Bridges, who owns Splashdown Books. After I had made a few tweaks to the plot, Grace offered to publish Alpha Redemption.

In the period between the contest and Grace's publication offer, I submitted two short stories to online magazines, both of which have appeared in print.


What next?

I am currently preparing two books for publication.

- Hanzet, the Universe, and Everything is a humorous sci-fi epic set 6 million years in the future.

- Alpha Revelation is the sequel to Apha Redemption.